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"Sharing God's truth in our searching world."

October 4, 2023 Update

The Lord has been just So good to us this entire year. 


So far in 2023, We established Don Wilton Ministries Inc (501c3) and launched our brand new website - including the ability to support this ministry through credit card or check.

We have been given the opportunity to preach, teach and encourage in over 20 churches, seminaries & universities. 

  • Overseas Missions to the Middle East, Africa & Europe

  • Bible Conferences in Iowa, Mississippi & Louisiana

  • Israel & Journeys of Paul Teaching

  • working with, encouraging & Sponsoring Dead Servants (wonderful ministry- Couples from all around the Country)

  • teaching and preaching for Samaritans Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

  • participated in several teaching and encouraging podcasts around the USA, Europe & Africa.

We have also distributed hundreds of books and materials to the point we are running out and need to order more & replenish our stock. 

in every case and every opportunity Christ Jesus has been glorified, scores of people have given their hearts to Jesus and believers have been encouraged in their walk with the Lord​


We have currently received and are praying about invitations to preach, teach and encourage in Bethlehem, Nazareth, Beirut, Dubai and preach at a memorial in Washington DC next Spring. Additionally we have received many teaching invitations from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Universities, men’s events and Bible conferences. 


2024 is basically full. God is in control. 



Urgent prayer needs:

  • God’s will and wisdom

  • Focus on Gospel invitation for salvation

  • Africa mission October/November (2023)

    • preaching and teaching extensively for 5 weeks - travel, arrangements, wisdom, gospel

    • training scores of African pastors and speaking a number of times to area wide pastor fraternals and churches 

  • Thanksgiving for those who love and support me and Karyn financially and in prayer

  • Discernment when to say “yes can come” or “kindly consider a later date”!


I am just so thankful to the Lord Jesus.

Ona family related note, we are loving our wonderful family- Rob & Annabeth, Greg & Abby, and Dan & Shelley plus 8 beautiful and fast growing grandkids! All who are engaged in sharing Jesus with our searching world.  Karyn is my Duckling and I just love her to bits!


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