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"Sharing God's truth in our searching world."

Spring 2024

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. What a great year so far. It seems the Lord has pointed each step of the way and proves His power and grace over and again. While certainly trying to pace myself the invitations to preach and teach seem to come from everywhere. I am humbled and grateful. I have preached God’s Word in revivals, churches of every shape and size and have been featured as A speaker in conferences. What joy to teach students and spend major time encouraging and getting alongside so many “younger” pastors as they establish such strongholds for Christ in their churches around the country. This group is affectionately known as the Dead Servants!! In conversation with Dr Billy Graham many years ago he reminded me that it was “impossible to serve the Lord and be alive to yourself at the same time!! Indeed- Paul said, “I am crucified with Christ-nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ who lives in me”! (Galatians 2:20)


One highlight was speaking alongside Greg Laurie and others in Denver for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Heal Our Patriots. Over 1,700 were there for several days and so many were our wounded veterans. I also had the joy of instructing many of the staff who serve so capably with these men and women who have paid such a high price to serve our nation. So many gave their lives to Christ and the power of God flowed freely. We never left the hotel for 6 days. 


I so value your prayers and support. We will be on mission in Africa for several weeks among most needy pastors while also praying deeply about the many invitations to travel far and wide to share Jesus with our searching world. 


The big family news is our daughter Shelley (Dan) is expecting TWINS!!! Praise the Lord. Chief and Duckie are just delighted for numbers nine and ten!! What joy awaits. We will visit them for sure in the Middle East. 


Upcoming Trips and events:


September 16-19, 2024: The Cove (teaching on REVELATION). Go to The Cove web and click Don Wilton. This may sell out so hurry!!



December 28- January 4: ISRAEL (life changing - book tour spot now because it will sell out when Israel opens up)

April 3-15: STEPS OF FAITH CRUISE (England, Spain, Portugal and Mediterranean - cannot wait for his unique and very fun trip out of England and back)

August 29- September 10: JOURNEYS OF PAUL (Rome, Greece, Islands, Crete etc etc - just so inspirational and fantastic)


I love living out this life for Christ with my Duckling. Thank you for all your love and prayers.

Reflections On The Past Year ~2023

Who would have known?  When Karyn and I stepped down from First Baptist, Spartanburg after all those wonderful years, we did so with the deepest gratitude in our hearts and with a renewed prayer that God would simply open the doors where and when He chose to do so.  What a year of incredible life and ministry.  We ended up spending only about 5 weeks in Spartanburg the entire year!  While we deeply missed our church family and so many friends, invitations to preach, teach and encourage came in from all over the world.  


In addition to my leading incredible tours to Israel and the Journeys of Paul, we have seen amazing things happen for Jesus in churches of every shape and size, conferences and conventions, teaching doctoral students (one time) at the New Orleans Seminary, preaching and teaching for Samaritan’s Purse and BGEA, major mentoring and loving on (younger) ministers and their wives and overseas missions five times this year.  Suitcases have been attached to our hips!  We have loved one another, laughed ourselves silly, loved on our most precious family, and seen so many decisions for Christ everywhere. What a year God has blessed us with.


And 2024 is shaping up in an exciting and meaningful way again.  Looks like we are everywhere again. Our only objective is to share Jesus with our searching world.


I do sense and feel a renewed power and presence of the Lord as I preach the Word of God.


I do want to thank so many of you for your prayers and obvious love for us.  I also want to say thank you to those who have gone to my web page and have supported this ministry financially.  These funds are singularly for ministry and allow me to go and share Christ without financial constraint or requirement.  Some are able to provide expenses and honorariums but many cannot.  Our mission in Africa, for example, could not have taken place for 6 weeks had we not had significant help with plane tickets and many other costs like car hires and accommodation needs.  Most of the places and pastors we serve have very little to give.


So, thank you my friends.


I know you will prayerfully consider a year-end gift to  All gifts are tax deductible and both Karyn and I cannot thank you enough.  


Our family units are all doing so great.  Dan and Shelley in Jordan and so engaged in flying and serving others.  Greg, Abby and our 4 grands serving Christ at New Orleans Seminary and as Greg preaches and teaches everywhere it seems!!  Rob , Annabeth and our 4 grands about to begin a very exciting ministry call to First Baptist Charlotte, North Carolina!!  Just the love of God on display!  How thankful Karyn and I are as we watch, in amazement, as our family serves Jesus!


I pray for you and your families.  I pray for God’s power and strength to be yours in every way.  I pray for your every need and situation in life.


I pray for this world.  We need Jesus badly.


Your friend and brother,

Don Wilton



PS - I really believe Israel will be full on again this year, God willing.  My next scheduled trips:



To reserve your place - call TEMPLETON AT 1-800-334-2630


June 19-29, 2024

December 3-14, 2024

December 28, 2024 - January 4, 2025



August 29 - September 10, 2025


ENGLAND AND EUROPE HERITAGE (Cruise - England, Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands)

April 3-15, 2025


Stay tuned.  I am very delighted and excited about these. 

October 4, 2023 Update

The Lord has been just So good to us this entire year. 


So far in 2023, We established Don Wilton Ministries Inc (501c3) and launched our brand new website - including the ability to support this ministry through credit card or check.

We have been given the opportunity to preach, teach and encourage in over 20 churches, seminaries & universities. 

  • Overseas Missions to the Middle East, Africa & Europe

  • Bible Conferences in Iowa, Mississippi & Louisiana

  • Israel & Journeys of Paul Teaching

  • working with, encouraging & Sponsoring Dead Servants (wonderful ministry- Couples from all around the Country)

  • teaching and preaching for Samaritans Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

  • participated in several teaching and encouraging podcasts around the USA, Europe & Africa.

We have also distributed hundreds of books and materials to the point we are running out and need to order more & replenish our stock. 

in every case and every opportunity Christ Jesus has been glorified, scores of people have given their hearts to Jesus and believers have been encouraged in their walk with the Lord​


We have currently received and are praying about invitations to preach, teach and encourage in Bethlehem, Nazareth, Beirut, Dubai and preach at a memorial in Washington DC next Spring. Additionally we have received many teaching invitations from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Universities, men’s events and Bible conferences. 


2024 is basically full. God is in control. 



Urgent prayer needs:

  • God’s will and wisdom

  • Focus on Gospel invitation for salvation

  • Africa mission October/November (2023)

    • preaching and teaching extensively for 5 weeks - travel, arrangements, wisdom, gospel

    • training scores of African pastors and speaking a number of times to area wide pastor fraternals and churches 

  • Thanksgiving for those who love and support me and Karyn financially and in prayer

  • Discernment when to say “yes can come” or “kindly consider a later date”!


I am just so thankful to the Lord Jesus.

Ona family related note, we are loving our wonderful family- Rob & Annabeth, Greg & Abby, and Dan & Shelley plus 8 beautiful and fast growing grandkids! All who are engaged in sharing Jesus with our searching world.  Karyn is my Duckling and I just love her to bits!


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