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made out to Don Wilton MinistriesMailing address: 


Mailing address: 

Don Wilton Ministries 

228 Bent Oak Way 

Spartanburg SC 29301 

Thank you for praying about giving financially to this ministry. Karyn and I arrived in the USA with “only two suitcases in our hands and $1400 in our pockets”! God has never let us down. The Lord has provided for us every step of this amazing journey. We continue to believe this today as we seek to preach, teach and encourage anywhere and everywhere “sharing Jesus with our searching world” without regard to the financial capability of the church, mission or people being ministered to. 

For over 40 years I have taught God’s people that the Tithe goes to the storehouse (Malachi 3: 6-12). I believe this by conviction and personal practice. 

This conviction holds true for Don Wilton Ministries. We formed a 501C3 for accountability to both man and God. The local New Testament Church is God’s storehouse. Your most appreciated and deeply blessed financial giving to this ministry ought, therefore, to be given from your overflow offerings to the Lord - after having given your tithe to your church. 

All Donations are Tax Deductible. 

We thank you most gratefully.

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228 Bent Oak Way

Spartanburg, SC 29301

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